Soft Opening is an unconventional children's book about Walter the wombat's journey from hunger to self-realization.

We dreamt of a truly original children's book that both kids and their parents find amusing and inventive. Hence, Soft Opening is full of quirky, colorful characters and hidden references to arts and pop culture. To make it even more fun, we spiced with an hidden blacklight layer that is invisible for the naked eye! 


Each and every book comes with a small UV-flashlight that is indispensable for revealing the hidden stories and comments printed with UV-ink. These hidden parts are mostly comments and backstories which we intended for grown-ups (relax, nothing nasty!). To give our readers a long-lasting, multi-sensory experience, we also hid some instructions with UV-ink for accessing a playlist (basically the soundtrack of the book) which is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


Soft Opening is currently available at several design, concept and bookstores throughout our hometown, Budapest or you can place an order at our Etsy Shop.

Soft Opening Kickstarter Video

Watch our Kickstarter video to find out more about us, our book and the making of Soft Opening!

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